The Assessa Project

The on-line Assessa system is a three-in-one web-based, customizable, educational data collection system. A list of key features can be found at the end of this page. We have thousands of K-12, college/university and industry users, many of whom collect data via the web or our Assessa™ apps. Assessa has three main interconnected modules, though users can subscribe to one or two modules to meet their needs. The main modules are:

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Background - A Resource to Educators

The Assessa Project began in 2002 as a free resource to local educational institutions and was developed by a graduate student, John Watson, as an application for his doctoral research. The system has been made available to a wider audience since 2005 and is managed by Columbus Research dba Watson Education, a California-based company incorporated in 1995 that provides services related to collecting and analyzing data in the education setting. For more information go to

Key Features Of Our System

Need More Help or Want to Contribute to the Project?

Please contact us if your installation requires additional customization, training, or is a larger site (contains more students, users, subjects and/or throughput/storage requirements) than a basic account provides. For sites with greater needs, we may recommend scaling up our system by providing additional server hardware and/or RDBMS systems, application customization, and/or customized professional development programs. This customization work adds additional support and service costs, and is quoted on request. Please send us a note via our Contact page (above).